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What types of fall foods can help balance your hormones?

With the changing weather and the different foods going in and out of season, let’s look at some fall foods that can help balance your hormones this fall!


Eating enough protein is essential for making enough hormones on a daily basis.

  • Grass fed meat- rich in micronutrients that your thyroid needs to function normally

  • Low-mercury, wild caught fish- high in omega-3’s and cholesterol which is important for building your sex hormones

  • Chicken, turkey, eggs- also high in micronutrients, especially B vitamins which are essential for fertility and nervous system function

  • Lentils and beans- acts as a source of protein and fiber which can help reduce estrogen levels + is a good source of zinc which raises testosterone

Healthy Fats

Fats are key for hormonal balance. It is also needed to help your body digest fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) which play an important role in fertility and hormone regulation.

  • Olive oil- this oil is super rich in monounsaturated fats which help produce serotonin and dopamine

  • Avocado- rich source of Vitamin B5 which may help fight stress as well as helps balance blood sugar

  • Mixed nuts- aid in support for blood vessels and hormone metabolism

Resistant Starches

These are a type of carbohydrate that the digestive enzymes can’t break down in our stomach or small intestine which means they can reach our colon. In doing so, these resistant starches can help fuel the good bacteria to help aid in digestion.

  • Sweet potatoes- rich in Vitamin B6 which helps eliminate excess hormones + have lots of gut-friendly prebiotic fiber

  • White rice- have lots of B vitamins which are important for fertility, healthy pregnancy, and healthy nervous system function.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies have lots of antioxidants and phytochemicals which helps with inflammation and lowering stress levels in our bodies. They also have lots of micronutrients that our hormones love for good gut health. So many good things about fruits and veggies!

  • Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc)- these contain glucosinolates which support the liver as well as detoxification. They can also eliminate excess estrogen

  • Pumpkin and squash- these contain carotenoids which is a precursor to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for good thyroid health. They are also beneficial to good gut bacteria!

  • Berries- rich in antioxidants that help destroy disease-causing and hormone-disrupting free radicals

It is important to remember that balance and moderation is key! Slowly incorporating these types of foods and eating them with other nutritious food is key for proper nutrition. There are so many more types of foods that help out your hormones but with fall coming in full force, who doesn’t love a good soup or warm comfort meal?

Try to add some of these fall foods into your diet to help balance out those hormones!

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