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Lacey Lyons

Hello everyone! My name is Lacey Lyons and I am overjoyed that you have decided to get to know who I am and what I love to do.

I hope you can tell by my website that I have a passion for overall wellness. Being able to achieve a healthy lifestyle is a journey that takes time and effort. I want to be an educational resource, a support system and friend for you during your health and wellness journey.  


I am a registered dietitian who works with individuals to create healthy habits to improve their overall wellness. I specialize in women's health specifically figuring out the root causes of hormonal imbalance symptoms and finding that healthy relationship with your health. Nutrition should be individual and specialized to the person. I work one-on-on to develop the right plan for what the individual needs. 

I also work with healthcare professionals such as optometrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, dermatologist, and more, to incorporate a health and wellness component. As a dietitian I am able to team up with other health and wellness advocates to promote preventative disease and overall wellness to their patients.  

Overall wellness is a state of actively making positive choices for your health. My mission is to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals by providing authentic and scientific nutrition education to improve mental and physical well-being.  I believe that by devoting my studies to evidence-based nutrition information, I can be the catalyst in someone's wellness journey. 

I have created this platform to not only inspire you to enjoy your health and wellness journey but to also give you a safe place to learn factual information you can trust.

I am excited to be an addition to your health and wellness journey and I can't wait to get started!


With Authentic Love Always 

- Lacey 

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