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Things You Can Start Today To Support Your Hormones

This is a post that I shared on my Instagram page @AuthenticHealthNutrition and I thought it was too good not to have a spot in the blog!

Notice how each of these steps/tips are things you could start working on today without a prescription?

Now, these are general tips, but these recommendations over and over can truly change how our hormones are moving throughout our body.

Research shows that HOW the hormones are moving through the body significantly impact symptoms more than just overall levels.

Of course there are no blanket statements when talking about health, but these are some tips to start bringing into your daily routine 🤍

Did any of these surprise you or do you see something you could start today?!

Reminder that messages are always open, testing is available and I’d love to support you in your health and wellness journey🫶🏻

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