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How to Improve Step Count Throughout the Day

Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. Brisk walking has been shown to improve heart health, strengthen your muscles and bones, increase energy levels, improve your mood, regulate blood sugars and reduce stress, among many other benefits. The faster and further you walk will challenge your body, increasing calories burnt and building up your endurance. If you struggle to find the time to walk or need suggestions on adding more steps to your day, keep reading!

  • Get involved with recreational sports in your community. This can also provide a support system that may help you to stick with it!

  • If it’s a nice day out and you are in a safe community with sidewalks, take a few minutes during your lunch break to add a short walk.

  • Park further away from building entrances (grocery stores, work, etc.) to add in a few more steps!

  • If you can take the stairs instead of an elevator, choose the stairs more often!

  • Listening to music or finding a partner to talk to during your walks can make them more enjoyable and something to look forward to!

  • If you have the time, walk to a colleague’s office instead of sending an email.

With insulin resistance on the rise, walking is a great way to improve these symptoms and decrease the risk for diabetes!

Any movement is good movement! Remember to enjoy the exercise you include in your day to make it more realistic and attainable! If you try one of the tips above and it doesn’t work for you, move on to the next or think of your own. Making small changes like increasing your daily steps can make you feel great physically, emotionally, and mentally and is something small you can do to improve your overall health!

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