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Sweet Potacos

Who loves a good taco?! I sure do! Put it together with a sweet potato and you have a nutrient dense meal. I prep taco meat often because of how versatile recipes can be. If you are getting tired of your normal Taco Tuesday night, try this recipe out!

Cooked sweet potatoes

- If cooking in the oven, stab the potatoes with a fork and cook for 45 minutes - 1 hour at 425 degrees

- If cooking in Instapot, stab the potatoes with a fork and cook on high pressure for 35 minutes


- Ground Turkey (93% lean)

- Taco Seasoning

- Pico De Gallo

- Avocado

- Velveta Mexican Shreds Cheese or Fat Free Feta


  1. Brown ground turkey on the stove top

  2. Add taco seasoning to ground turkey

  3. Add cooked turkey on top of cooked sweet potato

  4. Top with pico de gallo, cheese and avocado

  5. Can add a dollop of plain non-fat Greek yogurt on top to act as sour cream

  6. Enjoy!!

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